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Natura Est

Plant Fiber Straws

Taking the plastic out of your daily life

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About Us

About Us

We started Natura Est is 2018 with an idea to change how drinking straws are viewed. Living on the California coast, one of the main pieces of trash we would see on our beach days are plastic straws! Every beach clean up we’ve done, there always seems to be an abundance of plastic straws. This lead us to where we are today, in which we aim to eliminate single use plastic straws. At Natura Est we strive to provide a renewable product while minimizing carbon footprint in an effort to eliminate plastic waste.

There is an estimated 500 million straws used everyday in the United States. One study published earlier this year estimated as many as 8.3 billion plastic straws pollute the world's beaches. We want to take a step forward and partner with businesses to lessen the amount of plastic pollution.

Our product is derived from the food grade sugarcane fiber. Once all the juice is extracted from the sugar cane the fiber is usually thrown away or repurposed. In our case we use what is supposed to be waste and turn it into a drinking straw. In turn the straw will be composted and go back to the land.

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Is your product compostable ?

Yes! Since the straws are made from natural plant fibers the decomposition in optimal conditions is estimated to be 90% broken down in 180 days.

Will the straws lose quality if kept in a beverage for extended periods?

No! We have kept straws submerged in cold beverages for periods of 1+ hour without any loss of quality.

Does your product have a taste due the natural fiber material?

There is no noticable taste, but customers have a described a light sweet aroma. We have tested the straws with a variety of beverages including water, iced coffee (black as well as with cream/sugar), iced tea (milk/fruit/plain), juices (apple/orange/grape/lemonade) and various sodas; there was no difference in flavor between no straw usage, plastic straw usage and sugar cane straw usage in comparison.

Why not use paper straws?

Paper is a great alternative, but the sugar cane straws will hold up and quality does not degrade if left in beverages and can be used more than one time throughout the day.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions!

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